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An-Ten-Nae Feat. XIII – Drifting

An-Ten-Naes latest output ‘Drifting’ features the vocal talents of XIII. It’s a track that you will no doubt replay, as you get taken in by the evocative vocals. Ah, the the ever mysterious XIII, maybe time...

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Clocks & Clouds

Clocks & Clouds is a Minneapolis-based instrumental trio formed in 2010. Consisting of Stephanie Shogren (violin), Lucas Shogren (cello), and Derek Powers (drums), the trio has found delight in combining classical instrumentation with rock...

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The Morning Birds

Dimond Saints lend their Future Bass spin to The Morning Birds signature sound in this low-end, sexy take on “Bloom”.  Dimond Saints’ remixes have topped Hypem’s charts continuously and have been feature on Billboard...

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Afterthem are a Electro Grunge band from East Brunswick, NJ with a new CD Heavy On The Cheese. Band Web Sites: http://archive.org/details/ca327_a
 http://facebook.com/afterthem1 http://twitter.com/afterthem  http://revernation.com/afterthem http://myspace.com/afterthem

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The Hydrothermal Vents

Hydrothermal vents are deep-sea openings that erupt with super-heated, chemically rich water from within the earths crust. Despite receiving absolutely zero energy from the sun, entire communities of bizarre life forms have evolved and...

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Chris and Gileah

Chris and Gileah’s self-titled debut evokes laying in the grass on a summer’s night, staring at the moon and the stars, and contemplating the twists and turns your life has taken. With poetic introspection,...

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Lara James

A few years ago, singer-songwriter Lara James asked herself a simple but bold question: Why wouldn’t I? She was on the couch watching a reality show on singers and reflecting on her unlived life...

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Juliane Jones

Singer-songwriter and ethnomusicologist Juliane Jones finds harmony in what seems like self-identity dissonance. “I occupy a middle space – my world is about intersections,” the New York-based songstress explains. Juliane’s father is Welsh, and...

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Electro Noir Pop – a description that fits no:carrier best. “We can’t be compared easily. We have our very own sound that includes elements from several styles – from Dark Wave to Synthpop, from...